“Line upgrade to 90,000 cans per hour”


Customer: Refresco Maarheeze
Country: The Netherlands
Products: cans
Sector: soft drinks
Speed: 90,000 cans per hour
Number of motors: 75
Type of project: adaptation of existing line

Customer’s challenge

The capacity of the existing can line needed to be increased, but the budget was not sufficient for a completely new line.


  • Line upgrade for full cans
  • New section for empty cans
  • Integration of new and existing machines and conveyors from various locations
  • 100% new controls for better line management

Refresco Maarheze


By reusing part of the existing lines, we were able to keep costs down.
The line controls, however, are completely new to ensure improved performance.

90,000 cans per hour

Thanks to the new controls and relocated accumulation zones, the line balance is now improved. As a result, Refresco can achieve a speed of 90,000 cans per hour.

Fast start-up

The ramp-up period prior to the start-up was respected, making it possible to deliver the production volumes on time and resulting in a satisfied customer.

In the words of the customer

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