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For more than 70 years, Legendre has been integrating transport systems and line management into its customers’ production facilities. By ensuring the perfect integration of machines and conveyor systems, Legendre aims to achieve the best possible line operation, resulting in a high level of efficiency and higher production capacity. We Convey – You Relax.


Delhaize relies on Legendre for conveying systems for new wine bottling plant


Delhaize’s new wine bottling plant in Kobbegem (Asse) is the largest in the Benelux at 9,500 m² of surface area. The plant allows the retailer to bottle 36 million litres of wine a year. In total, there are about 150 different references.


As a loyal customer of Legendre Conveyors, Delhaize ordered all of the conveyors for the three new lines from Legendre. Delhaize could count on Legendre during every step of the process, from design, assembly, e-cabinets, installation, and cabling to effective commissioning with integration of the existing and new machines into the new lines.


Together, we looked for sustainable solutions to make the installation as energy-efficient and maintenance-friendly as possible. We chose a ‘dry run’ system to save on water and lubricants, while at the same time, this system consumes less energy thanks to the low frictional resistance of the components. Among others, Legendre used OGD permanent magnet motors and the brand-new generation of IC7 frequency inverters, both from partner Danfoss. This drive choice results in 25% lower consumption than traditional induction motors.


A fantastic partnership between customer and suppliers of which we are particularly proud. Return to line


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Then let’s get together. Because we’ll take care of your conveyor systems and line management, while you sit back…We Convey, You Relax!

The best possible solution for your
production line

Together with the customer, we determine which machines will produce the most efficient production line. Legendre ensures the perfect integration of machines and conveyor systems using an open and accessible software environment.

Get the most out of your lines

We design packaging lines with the aim to optimise line layout, accumulation zones and operator accessibility. Care for adequate line management reduces start/stop situations, resulting in higher line efficiency and maximum OEE.

Focus on your core business with
peace of mind

Legendre makes sure that the production lines operate perfectly, enabling our customers to focus on their core business. We’re not satisfied until the customer is satisfied.

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Full conveying by Legendre Conveyors

On the right you can see the video of a complete PET line installation with Legendre Conveyors supply for all primary (bottles) and secondary (packs) packaging. The integration of communication between machines and conveyors and the management of machine speeds according to the line states is entirely carried out by Legendre Conveyors. We would like to thank Emmetti spa for making the images available.

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What’s your challenge? This is where it all begins. Together with you, we examine all the options and possibilities. We then determine the best production flow layout based on your specific products and available space.

Efficiency increases

We ensure high line efficiency, in which all conveyors, buffers and machines are perfectly coordinated – whether the line is new or established.


We ensure high line efficiency, in which all conveyors, buffers and machines are perfectly coordinated – whether the line is new or established.

Product range

Conveyor belts, accumulation systems, inliners, switches and more. Our experience and expertise are integrated into our mechanical designs to guarantee maximum reliability and a long service life.

Installation and start-up

Our in-house technicians install your production line at your location or, alternatively, we assist your teams with the installation process. Our in-house programmers then start up your new line. We take a flexible approach to ensure that the project is completed on time.


Experiencing problems with your line? We can solve them on site or online and provide replacement parts from our own workshop or supplier network. And if your line is in need of repair or maintenance, we’re here to help.

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