“Cost-efficient investments in every phase of the growth process”


Customer: The Brew Society
Country: Belgium
Products: Bottles and cans
Sector: Beer
Speed: 10,000 bottles an hour
Number of motors: 50 (after phase 7)
Type of project: Continuous Extension

Customer’s challenge

Belgian Brew Factory has experienced constant growth. BBF therefore needs increased production capacity for the expanded range of products, and better cost-efficiency with the increased volume. Flexibility, speed and efficiency in the investment policy will determine success.


  • Co-creation of the line layout.
  • Splitting of investment into phases
  • Integration of the machines chosen by the client.
  • Mix of new and recuperation conveyors for every phase.
  • Quick execution of order to start-up point.

Belgian beer factory

Flexibility on the line

Strong growth demands flexible production capacity. The line is suitable for different types of cans, bottles and packaging. The line works with either cans, bottles or a mix of bottles and cans at the same time.

Cost efficient investment

The focus is on short phases that can be achieved quickly, as a result of which Belgian Brew Factory only has to invest according to their needs and growth.

Full ownership

As a genuine technicians, The Brew Society selected all machines themselves. Legendre Conveyors took care of the integration and flexible layout. The result is a production line that is integrated mechanically, electrically and tailored to the needs of the client for the software.

What does the client say?

“Great collaboration! With Legendre Conveyors, we have a partner that always thinks proactively. Thanks to the professional and motivated team, we are achieving our projects within the predetermined deadlines.”


Björn Desmadryl, CEO, The Brew Society

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