Conveyor automation

Conveyor automation with Legendre


Want to automate your conveyor system and achieve maximum output? You can with Legendre. We ensure that you have full control over your conveyors as you need and can operate with different packaging types.


Through careful coordination, you are guaranteed a smooth and streamlined process. Looking for conveyor automation? Legendre will take care of your conveyor automation according to the space available on your premises, your product types and, of course, your budget. Contact us today and discover the possibilities!

The best possible solution for your production line

Legendre ensures the perfect integration of machines and conveyor systems using an open and accessible software environment.

Get the most out of your lines

We design packaging lines with the aim to optimise line layout, accumulation zones and operator accessibility.

Focus on your core business with
peace of mind

Legendre makes sure that the production lines operate perfectly, enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

Optimal line efficiency is only a click away

Many years of experience

Since 1948, Legendre has been constantly expanding its knowledge of conveyor systems and integration. Our acquisition of Packing Creative Systems in 2013 allowed us to consolidate our expertise with an even more varied customer base. With many years of experience, you have a reliable partner by your side – ‘We Convey – You Relax’ is in our genes. Legendre undertakes a varied range of projects for its clients. We operate not only in Belgium, but also the Netherlands, France and even outside of Europe. Legendre would be happy to lend its expertise, even on the other side of the world.


Legendre: bespoke conveyor automation

Looking for conveyor automation for your company? Legendre is by your side. Problems with conveyor functions? Our engineers can create the solution that best suits your product and needs, always taking into account the line capacity, space available, positions of operators, machine types and accumulation times. Prefer specific machines or brands? No problem. We are brand-independent, so we can ensure perfect integration. The aim? To optimise your flow, achieve a high ROI for you and the guarantee that you can focus on your core business. We also work with open and accessible software – no black box. After all, being able to manage and maintain your line whenever you need to are essential.