Conveyor installation

Legendre, your partner when it comes to conveyor installation

Your company’s success depends on everything running smoothly. As efficient as possible, with as few start/stop situations as possible. That way, you can focus on your core business. Optimisation of the line layout and accumulation zones, open and accessible software so that your teams can manage the line themselves, perfect integration of machines and conveyors, cost-saving solutions for capacity maximisation – all aspects that help to ensure a finely oiled process. Need a flow optimisation and automation solution? You can count on Legendre as a partner for your conveyor installation.

The best possible solution for your production line

Legendre ensures the perfect integration of machines and conveyor systems using an open and accessible software environment.

Get the most out of your lines

We design packaging lines with the aim to optimise line layout, accumulation zones and operator accessibility.

Focus on your core business with peace of mind

Legendre makes sure that the production lines operate perfectly, enabling our customers to focus on their core business.

Optimal line efficiency is only a click away

We work with you to design a bespoke conveyor

Perfectly coordinated conveyors, buffers and machines guarantee optimal flow. Better. Faster. More efficient. And cost-efficient too. That’s what we stand for. What ever the challenge you set us, we will use our experience of more than 70 years, plus our expertise and flexibility, to find the very best solution for your situation. A conveyor solution that your teams can embrace, that maximises the return from your product line and that ensures that you can make full use of your capacity. Prefer specific machines or brands? No problem. We are brand-independent, so we can ensure smooth process integration throughout. Full line management.

Conveyor systems hide no secrets for Legendre – we have been building and managing complete conveyors for a wide range of customers since 1948. ‘We Convey – You Relax’ is our slogan. We have been consolidating our core activity since 2013 with the takeover of Packing Creative Systems. Today, we work on projects around the world. Based in Belgium but operate a location overseas, in or outside of Europe? You can count on the Legendre team for conveyor installation and production line optimisation.

We install your conveyor on site

… or support your teams with conveyor construction. Our in-house engineers can carry out conveyor installation on site or remotely, working to your deadline and requirements. After installation, one of our programmers will get your new line up and running. If you need support for your conveyor system at a later date, we will send someone who can quickly solve the problem. With spare parts from our own warehouse or trusted suppliers, we can guarantee the quality that you need. For conveyor installation, it has to be Legendre!