“Short payback period thanks to significantly increased line efficiency”


Customer: Danone Nutricia
Country: The Netherlands
Products: 10 cl PEHD bottles
Sector: dairy
Speed: 25.000 bottles per hour
Number of motors: 10
Type opdracht: adaption/upgrade of existing line

Customer’s challenge

One of the existing lines was not operating to maximum efficiency. The essence of the problem was poor interaction between the machines and conveyors in the middle of the line.


  • Addition of a FIFO accumulation table
  • Addition of a pressureless inliner
  • Optimal programming of controls and communication (upstream and downstream)

Danone Nutricia

Significantly increased line efficiency

One of the pain points was a high incidence of start/stop situations. Adapted programming now ensures much better interaction between the machines.

Far fewer start/stops

Since the line balance was not optimal, we examined a better mix of buffering ability and speed. This resulted in much higher Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Short payback period

The investment in the line adaptation was fully recouped within only six months.

In the words of the customer

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