From adaptations and upgrades to entirely new lines

What do you really need? Determining this is the first step of every project. The solution may simply be new conveyor belts. Or we may design a new layout for your existing machines, ensure optimal integration and line balance or develop controls in open source. Other times we provide all conveyor systems and new machines in a turnkey solution. We adapt our approach and solution to the situation. Our goal is a productive partnership with you (our customer), your engineers and the suppliers of your choice. We believe this is the only way to forge a long-lasting customer relationship.

  • The Brew Society (BE)

    • Co-creation of line layout
    • Investment in phases according to growth rate
    • Integration of machines chosen by customer
    • Mix of new and existing machines and conveyors
    • Fast execution

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  • Danone Nutricia (NL)

    • Adaptation of existing line with efficiency problem
    • Integration of accumulation table and pressureless inliner
    • Significantly improved OEE
    • Short payback period (six months)

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  • Konings (BE)

    • Completely new line layout from empty bottle to palletizer
    • Integration of 12 machines of various brands
    • More than 20 production configurations
    • Perfect flexibility for a private labeller

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  • Integral conveying by Legendre Conveyors

    On the right you can see the video of a complete PET line installation with Legendre Conveyors supply for all primary (bottles) and secondary (packs) packaging. The integration of communication between machines and conveyors and the management of machine speeds according to the line states is entirely carried out by Legendre Conveyors. We would like to thank Emmetti spa for making the images available.

  • Refresco Maarheeze (NL)

    • Line upgrade to 90,000 cans per hour
    • Integration of new and existing machines and conveyors
    • Efficiency goals achieved within one month
    • Customer satisfied with our approach and flexibility

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